Saturday, December 29, 2012

DONKEY KONG: My Rival Returns!

My Rival Returns!

I intended to take most 
of this month off from
my blog in order to
focus on other writing 
deadlines and to enjoy 
some good ol' quality
holiday time with
friends and family.
But sometimes life
just doesn't play out 
according to plan.

I had also planned on enjoying a fun-filled big city getaway experience with Michelle this weekend — a romantic dinner at an upscale joint, a high-energy concert at Hard Rock Live and a sleepover at a swanky hotel. But the fun factor would quickly diminish.

Upon entering the hotel lobby in Orlando, Michelle proceeded to the front desk to check us in while I scoped the place out. I discovered a groovy game room in short order. I made my entrance and there he was, lurking in the corner. I would have recognized my former nemesis anywhere. And as if he knew of my impending arrival, Kong immediately began to taunt me, just as he did when we first met at the video arcade in Springfield, Missouri on that snowy day back in January 1982.

My one-time adversary awaited 
my arrival in Orlando!
But I was all too familiar with his modus operandi. Attempting to be unobtrusive, I merely pretended to appear oblivious to his presence. And without making eye contact, I made a swift exit — but we both knew better. We had an old score that was destined to be settled in O-town.

I went directly to my room upon returning to the hotel following the concert. But I couldn't sleep. I knew that HE was downstairs waiting. And after tossing, turning and staring at the ceiling for hours, I got up and got dressed. There was no need in putting off the inevitable any longer.

I entered the hotel game room at a little before 6AM and there he was — patiently awaiting my return. "So, Kong, we meet again," I addressed the chimp as I plugged the token machine with quarters. "It's been a long time. Let's do this."

(This ain't over, Kong. I will be back!)
After more than 30 years, the "Konker" still felt comfortable in my hand. But Kong remains a formidable opponent and I was thrown off my game by the unexpected encounter.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit that at age 50, my reflexes have become slow. I'm no longer as fast on the draw as I was at 19 and 20. Hence, I was no match for the still mighty Kong. He had me on the ropes from the start. And when I finally came up for air, I was bloodied from head to toe. I was clearly defeated. But this matter is far from settled. I plan to immediately enter into an extensive training regiment. I will once again become stronger and faster. Watch out Kong — this ain't over. I WILL BE BACK!

-Christopher Long
(December 2012)

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