Thursday, November 29, 2012

RECORD REVIEW: Alicia Keys "Girl on Fire"

Alicia Keys
Girl on Fire

Delivering the same
authentic song-based 
R&B that first made
her a superstar a
decade ago, Alicia
Keys returns with a
start-to-finish winner
— maximum killers
and minimum fillers.

Produced by Keys, and a crew of accomplished colleagues, including, Dr. Dre, Babyface and Swizz Beatz, Girl on Fire is arguably her strongest effort since 2003's The Diary of Alicia Keys. Clearly a team effort, Keys also collaborates on all 13 tunes with several of today's marquee songwriters, such as, Bruno Mars, Frank Ocean and Jeff Bhasker as well as frequent go-to guys, Andrew "Pop" Wansel, Warren "Oak" Felder and Amber "Sevyn" Streeter — even classic arena rock legend Billy Squier makes a contribution.

The opening piano instrumental, "De Novo Adagio," makes for a mighty intro to the delicate, yet soaring "Brand New Me" — a supremely well-crafted song that is by far one of the record's best and most powerful tracks.

"When It's All Over" initially presents a sort of schizo jazz vibe that morphs successfully and seamlessly into a smooth-tasting "More, More, More" flavor — another record highlight to be sure.

Keys' music always has been at its magical and organically soulful best when she simply (and fully) embraces her classic-style R&B anointing and focuses less on trying to appeal to the "now" crowd. Hence, the honest and pure, "less is more" approach on such gems as "Listen to Your Heart," "New Day" and "Not Even the King" makes for songs that are delectable, ambient delights. 

But despite the five credited songwriters and being the record's much-touted lead single, it's the title track that actually falls short. Simply put, Alicia Keys is a superb talent of the highest order and this one is just weak when compared to the other 12 tracks. And while I realize that Nicki Minaj has sold millions of recordings, so did Richard Pryor — but that didn't make him a musician. I also recognize that Minaj is wildly popular among young people who  enjoy watching videos of wacky clowns cursing on YouTube. However, her contribution to "Girl on Fire" is a distraction for music fans and compromises Keys' top-notch artistry.

The passion-filled "Fire We Make" is another of the record's crowning jewels. This Rhodes-driven duet with Maxwell oozes the steamy soulfulness reminiscent of old school R&B records from the likes of Shalamar, Teena Marie and Rose Royce — but with a little extra stank factor on the back end. And the closing Ace Frehley-style guitar work by Gary Clark Jr. is absolutely blistering.

The six and a half minute epic, "101" would, could and should have been a perfect closer, as it is an incredibly powerful solo piano / vocal piece.

"I might as well stand
in front of a bullet.
Close my eyes and kick
the chair to the floor.
It's like a speeding
train is coming.
I know you've crashed it
a hundred times before."
-Alicia Keys

But just as Keys is about to close the deal and take us away to that magical, hypnotic place where all great music is supposed to take us, "101" segues at the five-minute mark into a brash-sounding finale so jarring, it only can be described as a bona fide buzz kill. So much for a "happy ending!"

While Girl on Fire does have a rough spot or two, it is over all, a tremendous record — one of Keys' strongest works to date and without a doubt, one of the best pop / R&B releases of 2012. A+

-Christopher Long
(November 2012)

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PINK TUESDAY 2012 (Mission Accomplished!)

(Mission Accomplished!)
After much hoo-ha,
the second annual
celebration now has
come and gone —
and it was FAB! 
So, what is
Read about it HERE

As admitted, committed die-hard thrift store enthusiasts, my girlfriend Michelle and I have been psyched for weeks in anticipation of PINK TUESDAY. Hence, we hoped to reach Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church — our first (and favorite) thrift store destination early this morning. However, due to my laundry list of last minute "quick stops" along the way, we didn't arrive on the scene until 10:30AM.

"This is turning out to be the suckiest PINK TUESDAY ever," Michelle quipped after waiting on me for more than 20 minutes at the post office. "Relax," I reassured her. "It's still early."

This vintage 1983 Panasonic AM / FM stereo cassette
blasta was THE ultimate PINK TUESDAY score.
(I'm SO crankin' my old Shalamar tapes tonight!)
Priced at just $2, this board game was SO tempting.
(But I opted for a used Van Hagar CD instead.)

Fully embracing the true meaning of PINK TUESDAY, Michelle picked up groovy gifts for several peeps on her shopping list. However, I'm a pig, and I scored swag only for myself — including a vintage 1983 Panasonic AM / FM stereo cassette blasta — suck on thatApple!

Famished from our 90-minute romp through Holy Name, Michelle and I stopped for a delicious lobster lunch at one of our fave local eateries and then headed 15 miles north to one of our other frequent thrifting destinations — Angels in the Attic.

The triple threat combo —
Although I had exceeded my PINK TUESDAY spending cap during our stop at Holy Name, I simply could not resist the Hannah Montana handbag with matching beret and pink V-neck — what man could? Besides, the entire combo cost only $5.

But despite the pomp and pageantry of the holiday, Michelle and I  are regrettably now experiencing a post PINK thrift rift.

While I admit that Michelle did spot the fabulous-looking black and purple plaid flannel shirt first, she can't claim dibs technically, because she offered it to me — to purchase for myself — and I did. And it was only after we returned to her place and began digging through our bags-o-treasure that she began having non-buyers remorse.

But in all seriousness, resolving this conflict is a no-brainer. In the true spirit of PINK TUESDAY, of course I'm gonna give her the shirt. Know why?

A) Because I'm a really GREAT boyfriend.
B) It looks way better on her anyway! 

To all of my readers everywhere who joined me and Michelle in celebrating our special annual (made up) international holiday today, I hope that your PINK TUESDAY was the best ever! And get ready — there's another even bigger holiday creeping up, just around the corner. Stand by.

-Christopher Long
(November 2012)

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Monday, November 26, 2012


(Great FL Gig Op!)

Located in the heart of
old school Melbourne —
Florida Discount Music 
has been the hometown
 destination for musicians
since the mid 1970s.

I recall being a 15-year-old newbie walking into Florida Discount Music (FDM) for the first time. The year was 1978 — and along with my equally clueless teenage colleagues, we plunked down our hard-earned nickels, dimes, quarters and singles (along with a few fives and tens) onto the front counter and purchased our first PA system.

The joint was packed with much older, seasoned musicians in their early 20s — many were test-driving Les Pauls plugged into Marshalls — cranking out random Nugent riffs. They also all had long hair and wore tight-fitting Levis — one of them even drove up to the shop on a motorcycle! I was (am) a complete geek, and I was giddy to be hanging out with these guys. They were cool rock dudes. And in my mind, simply by association, that made me a cool rock dude too. It didn't matter that I'd never even played a gig at that point — I'd just bought band gear from FDM!

The store outgrew its original location some years back and moved next door to its current home. My friends Mike and Lisa Dellacoipa bought the business in the 2000s and they continue to thrive.

In spite of recent renovations,
FDM is still all about the music.
More than 150 students are presently enrolled in music classes at FDM — learning from some of the area's top instructors. In fact, when my son Jesse decided to play drums in 2008, I insisted that he take lessons from a great teacher. In short order, I signed him up for lessons at FDM with renown instructor Randy Crouch. In no time, my kid became a badass player.

Thanks to FDM instructor Randy Crouch, my
son is now the 9th greatest drummer in world!
However, a bigger building, new owners and increased student enrollment are not the only major developments at FDM in recent years.

In late 2012, Mike and Lisa gave the store's interior a bit of a reality show-type makeover — resulting in the creation and grand opening of Open Mike's — FDM's very own in-house lounge. Yep, crazy but true! And in addition to coffee, beer and wine, Mike and Lisa now also are serving up great live music — solo acts, acoustic duos — even full bands. For patrons, Open Mike's offers the kind of groovy vibe that you'd expect to find in big-city venues — but with a smoke-free atmosphere. And for musicians, you've got a top-quality sound system and an intimate-size stage, all under ambient lighting.                                                                                

Open Mike's NOW OPEN!
Open Mike's: Serving coffee, 
eer, wine and LIVE music.
As someone who is still  involved a little bit with the music scene, I know how tough it is to find cool venues in which to play — and it's only getting tougher. So, note to indie artists — if you're currently booking Central Florida gigs, do yourselves a favor and check out Open Mike's, located inside Florida Discount Music in Melbourne — before the beautiful new stage gets gunked up with duct tape residue!

-Christopher Long
(November 2012)

(321) 254-5645

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

RECORD REVIEW: Rod Stewart - "Merry Christmas, Baby"

Rod Stewart
Merry Christmas, Baby
(The Verve Music Group)

Just when I thought that I
couldn't stomach another
mundane pop Christmas
record, Rod Stewart steps
up and delivers a true gem
a holiday winner so
festive and fun that you 
almost can smell the
chestnuts roastin' on
that open fire. In fact,
there's hardly a lame track
in the bunch, and I
guarantee it'll warm the
cockles of your cockles.

Under the direction of renown producer David Foster, Merry Christmas, Baby offers much of the same smoky, jazz-flavored lounge vibe that has re-ignited Rod Stewart's career in the 2000s. And there is no shortage of highlights.

Combining a lush string arrangement and a single piano with Stewart's signature raspy vocal, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"  is a powerful opener and one of the best versions I've ever heard of this timeless treasure — serving as one of the brightest moments of the 13-song set.

"Santa Claus is Coming to Town" is slinky and playful. The group sing-along is a nice fit — adding an extra fun touch.

Stewart's take on "White Christmas" breathes a certain fresh factor into the holiday classic as well as "Winter Wonderland" — a spirited duet with Michael Bublé. And while his remake of "When You Wish Upon a Star" is a sweet treat, I personally still prefer Gene Simmons' 1978 version — just sayin'.

"Merry Christmas, Baby" is a funky, soulful duet with Cee-Lo Green — guaranteed to put some extra glide in your holiday stride.

Then there's "Blue Christmas" — one of the all-time worst Christmas songs. It was a freaking downer when Elvis recorded it in 1957 and not even Stewart's well-intended, well-produced, blues-based, slide guitar effort can save it. Pass the cranberry sauce and the revolver, please.

However, "We Three Kings," the duet with R&B diva Mary J. Blige makes for an incredible highlight. Ah, "worshiping God most high." This gospel-flavored number is an inspirational delight. 

And "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?" with trumpet virtuoso Chris Botti and the late songstress Ella Fitzgerald is simply brilliant.

"Silent Night" is beautiful. The kids' choir brings the song to life and it's SO refreshing to actually hear the name of Christ in a Christmas song — especially coming from the heart of a rock icon such as Rod Stewart. This is my new all-time favorite version.

But the really good news is, Rod Stewart (finally) has a new rock / pop record slated for release next spring — his first in many years. And Merry Christmas, Baby includes a free download coupon for one of his new tracks. Perhaps Stewart now is ready to move on from his sleepy, yet lucrative "songbook" phase and get back to the business of rocking. Rod the mod indeed!

-Christopher Long
(November 2012)

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

PINK TUESDAY 2012 (Coming Soon!)


I have always personally found
the concept of "Black Friday" to
be disturbing — even distasteful.
Oh what an embarrassing social
commentary indeed —  countless
Americans, compromising their
Thanksgiving holiday in order
to camp out overnight in front of
supercenters with total strangers
only to  fight literally tooth and
nail with these same folks at 9AM.
And for what — holiday bargains?
Be sure that scoring a 500-inch TV
for $9 is a truly sweet deal, but is
that worth getting pepper sprayed?
Is this what Christmas has really
come to?
(Jesus texts frowny face!) 

My girlfriend, Michelle, and I were amazed last year to discover hundreds of cars parked outside of our local Walmart by 8:00 on Thanksgiving night. Holy cow, the turkey hadn't even gotten cold yet! Good heavens, where is the true Christmas spirit? (Jesus texts another frowny face!)

Heck, the name alone, "Black Friday," just lacks a certain holiday fun-factor. In fact, it sounds more like the title of an end-of-the-world disaster flick starring Keanu Reeves in which everybody dies a tragic death.

So, last year I proposed a new, more festive, soon-to-be holiday tradition. I proclaimed that every first Tuesday following Thanksgiving will be...


PINK TUESDAY is the day that I've designated for ultra-hip, savvy shoppers to converge on thrift stores from coast to coast to cash in on real bargains and score truly groovy gifts for friends and loved ones on their holiday shopping lists. I mean, who cares about receiving iGadgets when you can receive such awesome goodies as used Tiffany cassettes, previewed Forrest Gump VHS tapes (usually 25¢), slightly stained "I'm with Stupid" T-shirts and slinky cocktail dresses from the '80s.

But seriously, I do live for the thrifting experience and I'm never disappointed with the amazing spoils that Michelle and I acquire on a regular basis. And the two of us will be observing the PINK TUESDAY tradition again this year on November 27th. We'll be enjoying our obligatory, pre-shopping Starbucks at the Viera, Florida location at 9AM — if you're in the area and would like to join us. But wherever you may be, I encourage you to get into the spirit of the season — go in peace, go in love and as always THINK PINK!

PINK TUESDAY when it sweeps the nation and becomes an acknowledged and cherished holiday tradition, just remember that you heard about it here first, from your good buddy, Christopher Long, "The Show Biz Guru."

-Christopher Long
(November 2012)

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Monday, November 19, 2012

RECORD REVIEW: THIS IS LOVE (A Worship Collective)

This Is Love 
(A Worship Collective) 

I've been reviewing independent 
rock records for the last 15 years.
Along the way, I've been sent some
real crap. However, occasionally, I
receive records that contain such
great songs and are so well-
performed and well-produced
that they truly warrant exposure.
But never before has an indie
release crossed my path that
literally can change lives.

Yes, Florida's scene is alive and well — but its most powerful music is  not playing out on the stages of smoke-filled beer joints...

Produced by Chris Johnson and Keith Alderman, This Is Love was captured live in concert during a five-night run last summer at East Coast Christian Center in Merritt Island, Florida.

Featuring performances from 27 supremely talented singers and musicians from ECCC, this colossal two-disc set delivers nearly two hours of original tunes mixed with well-known Praise and Worship favorites.

This Is Love producer, Chris Johnson

"Most of these songs center
around the theme of God's
indescribable love."
-Chris Johnson

This Is Love opens with the record's high-energy title track — an original tune written by Johnson, along with  Amanda Walker and Jonathan Walling — it also serves as one of the record's mightiest nuggets. "Dance" and the rousing remake of the Jesus Culture gem, "Father of Lights" complete a monstrous kick-off hat trick.

The revised arrangement of the Horatio Spafford hymn,  "It Is Well," features a full choir and Lou Rawls-like solo from Femi Howard — making for a truly magnificent, "WOW" moment.

Singer / songwriter, Amanda Walker
"This album is birthed out of a
deep and lasting adoration to
God. We pray that people are
blessed and refreshed through it."
-Jonathan Walling

Other highlights include a medley of the Johnson / Walker / Shattuck-penned, "Oh My Soul" and "Sins are Stones" by Mark McMillan as well as the re-vamped version of Daniel Bashta's "Like a Lion" — the "Sweet Home Alabama" of the Praise and Worship scene.

But for me, THE crowning jewel of this 17-song collection is without question, "Be Still." Written by Chris and Leigh Ann Johnson, "Be Still" shines brightly through its delicate, less-is-more presentation. The magical union of Johnson's lead vocal with Walker's back-up harmony is absolutely chilling. And Bill Munsey's ambient cello work makes for perfect garnish, juxtaposed with  Johnson's piano work.

This Is Love production team.
This is real love — not that
we loved God, but that he
loved us and sent his Son as a
sacrifice to take away our sins.
1 John 4:10 (NLT)

The record ends  with "So Holy," also written by Johnson. Starting and finishing  as a solemn guitar / vocal ballad, the song takes us on an eight-minute journey filled with soaring guitar work and a power-vocal avalanche from Johnson and Walker. Now, this one truly is destined to become a Praise and Worship classic.

The talented musicians involved in this project are just too numerous to mention here. However, major props must be extended to Keith Alderman. Also known for his past involvement with the popular national touring group, Classic Albums Live, Keith engineered and mastered  the record. He  also provided keyboard work and created various beat and loop programs.

Musician and record engineer, Keith Alderman
This Is Love officially will be released on November 24th. It will be available in the traditional CD format for $12 as well as through iTunes for $9.99. To order a hard copy, contact the East Coast Christian Center office @ (321) 452-1060 or click on the This Is Love icon on the homepage.

-Christopher Long
(November 2012)

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Friday, November 16, 2012



In short, Argo is a suspense-
filled, slam dunk winner based
on the rescue mission of six
American diplomats during the
1979-1981 Iran Hostage Crisis.

Directed by and starring Ben Affleck as former CIA operative Tony Mendez, the film is factual enough to offer a credible account of the historic event, yet embellishes just enough to make for a start-to-finish thriller — one that is generating considerable Oscar buzz.

Affleck as CIA agent Mendez crossing Iranian border.

On November 4, 1979, the American Embassy in Tehran was seized by a group of militants. 52 Americans were taken hostage and would be held captive for 444 days. However, six American diplomats escaped  — taking refuge at the  home of the Canadian ambassador.

CIA specialist Mendez is brought in to propose a rescue mission. His "best bad plan" is the production of a (fake) sci-fi film entitled, Argo. In cooperation with the Canadian government and selected Hollywood insiders, Mendez' covert operation begins to play out as a bogus L.A. production office is set up, phony press conferences are staged and huge ads begin appearing in the trades — all promoting the non-existent film. Upon establishing Argo's credibility, Mendez swoops into Iran (forged passports in hand) under the premise of scouting exotic sites for the movie. The ultimate plan is to sneak the six diplomats out of Iran and back to the U.S. as part of the Argo production team. Simple, right?

Goodman, Arkin and Affleck in Argo.

Much attention was paid to detail in re-creating the '70s look and vibe for Argo. Era-specific wardrobe, video clips and soundtrack made for an authentic production — although The Rolling Stones' "Little T&A" was not released until months after the rescue mission.

In addition to Affleck's Oscar-worthy portrayal of Mendez, Alan Arkin as Argo director Lester Siegel, John Goodman as legendary Hollywood make-up artist John Chambers and Bryan Cranston  as  CIA supervisor Jack O'Donnell all deliver rock-star caliber performances.

In sum, believe the hype. Argo is a riveting, two-hour must-see. In a year that delivered such content as Rock of Ages, Ted, and  The Watch, Argo is without question, one of 2012's best films.

-Christopher Long
(November 2012)

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