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In the wake of a lackluster
10.3.12 presidential debate
showing, Barack Obama's
handlers promised that the
President would be "feistier"
the next time around. And
during last night's showdown
in Hempstead, N.Y., he was,
indeed. But being "feisty"
doesn't make one a more
effective debater. It makes
one a (Chicago-style) bully.

But as with their first meeting, the track records of the two candidates spoke louder than any scripted rhetoric or feisty spin. For his part, President Obama again seemed agitated that he actually had to answer to anyone (except Joy Behar) about anything. He continued to focus on blaming George W. Bush for seemingly all past, present and future woes at home and abroad, while taking zero personal responsibility for his (one) term being such an epic failure. Conversely, Republican challenger Mitt Romney focused on his "Five Point Plan" and personal record of successes while governor of Massachusetts — once again appearing more presidential than the incumbent. It wasn't the bloodbath that their first meeting was, but overall, it was a pretty decent game. In fact, the performance of the candidates was the only element of this debate with which I didn't take issue.

For starters, the "undecided" voters who were chosen to pose questions in this town hall setting were seemingly about as undecided as Chris Matthews. Simply put, the deck was stacked. I mean, c'mon — why on earth would Gloria Steinem's clone ask a question, clearly directed at Romney, regarding comparisons to, and the perceived shortcomings of... you guessed it — George W. Bush?

Throughout this campaign cycle, the libs have been trying to paint the right as waging some sort of "war against women" — a desperate, pathetic and ridiculous ploy to be sure. So I guess that I really shouldn't have been terribly surprised when another "undecided" voter asked the candidates to address the hot button issue of equal pay for women? Really? What year is this, anyway — 1973? The candidates might as well have been asked their take on the Bobby Riggs / Billie Jean King match.

Oh yeah, let me just suggest that the Tweeting factor being wedged into the debate forum adds NO value to the event and presents an on-screen distraction. What's next, celeb moderator Kim Kardashian introducing the debut of Nicki Minaj's latest soft-core YouTube clip during an all-star debate half-time show?

Kim Kardashian to moderate an
upcoming presidential debate?

FYI, debate moderator, CNN's chief political correspondent, Candy Crowley, did NOT "fact check" Mitt Romney's charge that President Obama failed to call the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi an "act of terror." Her comment not only was out of line given her moderator position, it was neither "checked" nor "fact" — she merely had a prepared zinger conveniently ready to throw in at an opportune moment. And despite pro-Obama cheers from the audience and Rachel Maddow's post-debate assertion that Romney's challenge had gone, "horribly wrong," the exchange likely will come back to haunt Obama, Crowley and the liberal media in ensuing days.

I have faith in the American public and their ability to discern between fact and spin. Hence, I was delighted to see that in post-debate interviews with voters, there was an an overwhelming opinion that contrary to some "news" outlet's reports, Mitt Romney clearly was last night's winner. And I further expect Romney to pull off a trifecta when he faces Obama for a final meeting in Boca Raton, Florida this Monday, October, 22.

-Christopher Long
(October 2012)

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