Friday, October 5, 2012

PRETTY IN PINK: Outrage Ensues Over Romney T-Shirt

Outrage Ensues Over
Romney T-Shirt

The shocking story has
grabbed national headlines
throughout the day  the
story of Samantha Pawlucy,
the 16-year-old high school
student from Philadelphia
who was publicly humiliated
by her teacher at Charles
Carroll High School simply
for wearing a pink Mitt
Romney T-shirt to class.

This incident only further substantiates the problem that I've been addressing repeatedly in various blog posts and print columns for the last year  the nasty, mean-spirited and intolerant mentality that currently is consuming Americans  particularly when it comes to politics.

Whether her shirt was in support of Mitt Romney, Barack Obama or Cookie Monster, I applaud Samantha Pawlucy. In a day when so many teens choose to adorn themselves with apparel promoting sexual promiscuity and drug use with pants hanging past their cracks, this flippin' awesome young woman chose to exercise her freedom by participating in the political process. BRAVO!

This is such a sad commentary on today's U.S. school system and society at large. Perhaps our teachers should be as dedicated to teaching, inspiring, nurturing and encouraging our kids as they are to the mission of dispensing "morning after" contraceptives  just sayin'.

And I certainly can relate personally to Miss Pawlucy's plight as I've also come under attack for sporting an equally fabulous pink McCain / Palin T-Shirt in one my recent promo photos.

In sum, Samantha Pawlucy exemplifies what's right with today's youth. If she was my kid, I'd give her a big hug, buy her a new Xbox and whisk her off for a fun-filled night at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Keep fighting the good fight, Samantha!

-Christopher Long
(October 2012)

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