Thursday, September 6, 2012


(Pt. X) 

What the heck? Labor Day was
just last weekend. Down here in
sunny Florida, daily temperatures
are still scorching in the 90s. So
I was somewhat taken aback to
discover when I ventured out
the other day for a bi-weekly
thrifting excursion that one of my
all-time fave destinations already
was celebrating the holidays.
But despite feeling every bit of
summer outsideI still got a kick
out of getting a head start on
the seasonal vibe inside. And
Christmas goodies weren't the
only holiday finds.

The halls were decked with wall-to-
wall Santas and plenty of yuletide
glee, but hang on  we've got
TWO other holidays preceding
Christmas. And the thrift shop
located at Holy Name of Jesus
Catholic Church in Indialantic,
FL also boasted an impressive
assortment of spooky-looking
Halloween knickknacks and a
host of Thanksgiving decorations.

Yep, my peeps at Holy Name
really got a jump on all of the
traditional upcoming holidays.

It was a hoot discovering such an
array of delightful pre-holiday
treasures, but be sure that the
official commencement of the
Christmas thrifting season
doesn't begin until my self-
proclaimed Pink Tuesday kick-
off celebration on November 27th.

Last year, I spotted a "fishing" Santa
at Holy Name. This year, ol' Kris Kringle
seemingly has taken up golf.
Holy Name also has
holiday ornaments galore!
And who doesn't love a
festive Christmas village?
Regardless of the season, my BFF
Bambi always seems to find a
perfect addition to her fabulous
fashion-forward wardrobe.
("Twice the Fun" indeed!)
Stand by for further 2012
Pink Tuesday details 
coming soon!

-Christopher Long
(September 2012)

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