Thursday, September 6, 2012


(Pt. X) 

What the heck?
Labor Day was
just last weekend. 

Down here in sunny Florida, daily temperatures are still scorching in the 90s. So I was somewhat taken aback to discover when I ventured out the other day for a bi-weekly thrifting excursion that one of my all-time fave destinations already was celebrating the holidays. Despite feeling every bit of  summer outside, I got a kick out of the seasonal vibe inside. And Christmas goodies weren't the only holiday finds.

The halls were decked with wall-to-wall Santas and plenty of yuletide glee, but hang on — we've got  TWO other holidays preceding Christmas. And the thrift shop located at Holy Name of Jesus  Catholic Church in Indialantic, FL also boasted an impressive assortment of spooky-looking Halloween knickknacks and a host of Thanksgiving decorations.

Yep, my peeps at Holy Name really got a jump
on all of the traditional upcoming holidays.

It was a hoot discovering such an array of
delightful pre-holiday treasures. But be sure
that the commencement of the Christmas
thrifting season doesn't begin officially until
my self-proclaimed Pink Tuesday kick-
off celebration on November 27th.

In 2011, I spotted a "fishing" Santa at Holy Name.
This year, ol' Kris Kringle has taken up golf.
Holy Name also has holiday ornaments galore!
And who doesn't love a festive Christmas village?
Regardless of the season, my BFF Bambi
always seems to find a perfect addition to
her fabulous fashion-forward wardrobe.
("Twice the Fun" indeed!)
Stand by for further 2012
Pink Tuesday details 
coming soon!

-Christopher Long
(September 2012)



C'MON! -

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