Friday, September 14, 2012

RECORD REVIEW: Shenanigan Sid

Shenanigan Sid 
Meet Sid!
Sidipus Records
(Produced by Glenn Evans)

Clocking in at just under 20 minutes, this nine-track debut from San Francisco's Shenanigan Sid offers raw, under-produced garage punk reminiscent of many of the bands that occupied my cassette deck during the 80s.

Possessing the spirited lyrical irreverence of such old school VFW headliners as The Meatmen, Circle Jerks and The Dead Milkmen, Sid is clearly not meant to be taken too seriously (I think). From the front cover spoof of Meet the Beatles! to the back cover tribute to KISS' debut, Sid gives the listener a heads up as to the shenanigans in store even before the lighthearted, good-time sounds of "Dead Guy in My Garden," "Twat Rock" and "Man Poo Blues" ensue.

The musicianship of guitarist / vocalist Scott Blair and bassist / vocalist Ted Schwab is rock solid, albeit occasionally inaudible. And not even the powerhouse drum work of legendary Nuclear Assault alumnus Glenn Evans can truly shine through the limitations of what seems to be Sid's $13 recording budget. But therein lies the true beauty of the record  it's jarring rawness. In fact, had producer Evans called the shots any differently, the authenticity of the record would have most certainly been compromised.

In sum  Meet Sid! sounds snotty, smells sweaty and my mom would NOT approve. Mission accomplished, fellas!

-Christopher Long
(September 2012)


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