Monday, August 20, 2012

MOVIE REVIEW: "The Hunger Games" (Guest Post)

The Hunger Games
(Guest Post)

Today's guest contributor is my friend Robyn Sawczyn.
Robyn is a marketing consultant who lives in Atlanta,
Georgia. Obviously, she doesn't get out much, as
The Hunger Games was released several months ago.
NOTE TO ROBYN: There is another recent film called
Gone with the Wind that now is available on Betamax.
The word on the street is that it's pretty darn entertaining –
you may want to rent it from your local Movie Gallery!
Although I posted my own review of The Hunger Games
here last March, I felt compelled to also share Robyn's
passionate, albeit less than timely observations.

Last night was "dinner and a movie" night. Lobster and champagne courtesy of my date –the cook. The movie – The Hunger Games.

I could not get through the Hunger Games book, so how was I supposed to get through the movie? And I could barely handle the beginning with the deer hunting. I have still not gotten over Bambi's mother being killed. To this day when watching it with my nieces I skip the first scene to avoid it. They may not even know that Bambi lost his mother to an evil huntsman.

Woody Harrelson – I always associate him with Cowboy Junkies due to the soundtrack for Natural Born Killers. Stanley Tucci – he always does a great job. His hair killed me. I'd like to see Christopher Long in that same style. And Lenny Kravitz – be still my heart.

The people of the city remind me of A Clockwork Orange in their appearance. Or some of the very wrong fashion choices made in the 1980s.

Ah, wouldn't it be nice if little parachutes would drop into our lives with what we needed most at the right moment?

Trackers shot into the arm? That gave me the willies. I watched most of the killing scenes with my eyes closed. And WHAT were those animal creatures thrown into the finale? I will see them in my nightmares. Just like the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz. Oh how I hate that movie. I really enjoyed reading Wicked though.

My final take on the film – I should have paid more attention in Girl Scouts because I would not make it beyond stepping off the pedestal in these games.

It was an OK movie. Not sure what all the hype was about.

-Robyn Sawczyn
(August 2012)

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  1. Robyn, better late than never to watch a movie! I understand your points (I have known you your whole life . . .) but beg to differ on the movie. I read the books and really enjoyed them. The movie was very "true to the book" and extremely well cast! I am waiting for the next movie . . .

    1. Thanks Mary J. I went wayward at the first animal hunting scene. I'm sure they are in the book as well but I managed to skip those pages.
      The next movie is being filmed in Atlanta, so I can expect to see costumed actors around town. The Walking Dead is filmed here as well. After awhile one gets used to seeing zombies in line at Starbucks.

  2. Robyn is a genius. Spot on!

  3. "A genius," indeed! Thanks Mary J. and "Anonymous" for stopping by and dropping some love. Perhaps Robyn will share more of her genius in future "Guest" posts.