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Romney Taps Ryan

If you need transmission work
done on your car, don't call me
 I don't know the difference
between a spark plug and a
camshaft. Likewise, if you
engage me in a dialogue
regarding the NY Rangers or
Detroit Red Wings, you may
as well be talking to a wall  I
have no knowledge osoccer.
Conversely, when it comes to
such varied topics as parenting,
the bridal industry, presidential
history, Full House trivia, New
Testament theology or politics,
well, I'm your go-to guy indeed!

I like to be right  and thank goodness, I usually am. I offer little commentary on most issues until I'm certain that I have my facts straight  especially when it comes to politics. And yesterday's official announcement that presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney had tapped Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate is a further indication that I'm quite an amazing and astute political prophet  predicting how the V.P. issue likely would play out through various blog posts over the last several months:
  • January 12, 2012 Where we need to get a leg up on the competition in 2012 is for our V.P. to "out-rock-star" Joe Biden  which shouldn’t be too tough.
  • June 13, 2012  I’m more concerned about the “pasty old white dude factor.”
  • July 16, 2012 Romney likely will play it safe by choosing a “vanilla” white guy  from the Midwest named “Smith” or “Connor.” 
So how did  I do? Does the young and dashing Wisconsin congressman "out-rock star" Joe Biden? Check! At just 42, does the trim-looking Ryan fit the "pasty old white dude" mold? Nope  right again! Okay, so his name isn't "Smith" or "Connor," but "Ryan" does come pretty darn close  a trifecta, to be sure!

Although the choice was meant to energize conservatives, Ryan already is coming under fire from the left. With his connection to the Republican-passed House budget he has been labeled by some as "political Kryptonite." And his perceived lack of national level experience is drawing Palin-like comparisons.

But none of this should be considered terribly alarming. Daggers would be flying regardless of Romney's pick. The fact is, Ryan has quadruple the experience in 2012 running for vice president as Barack Obama had in 2008 when he shot for the top spot. Simply put, Ryan meets the primary qualifications necessary to be elected in today's Reality T.V. / Tweeting world  he's young and he looks good. Now, as long as it's revealed that he jams to Lil Wayne and Gotye on an awesome personal iDevice and doesn't misspell potato or give any ill-advised interviews in the next three months, he'll be golden. But will he bring enough fire to the ticket to clinch a Republican victory in November? Hmm, I remain concerned.  

-Christopher Long
(August 2012)

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