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This concludes my 
series. I contributed the feature
originally to early in
2009. Thanks to editor Ian Koss
for allowing me to re-print it here. 


I just love an underdog. And
I genuinely was rooting for
Britney Spears when her
latest "comeback" album
recently hit stores. In fact,
I was so hooked by the
record's catchy first single,
"Womanizer," and seduced
by its accompanying soft-
core video that I actually
journeyed through the
freezing streets of Nashville
to purchase the CD on
the day of its release.

But I was duped. Circus turned to be everything that deep down I feared it would be — another well-crafted collection of perfectly written and slickly produced, soulless three-and-a-half minute, high-tech, modern pop, synthetic pseudo dance tracks. Hooray!

Britney Spears has enjoyed such tremendous success over the last decade peddling this predictable type of electronic drivel that to the untrained eye (or ear) she actually can (at times) appear (almost) to be an artist. However, any current female "pop-tart" or Justin Timberlake could have had their face airbrushed on the Circus CD cover (or any of Britney's previous releases for that matter) and provided the same computer-generated vocals without compromising a bit of the music's, uh  — integrity.

Spears after being forced
to listen to her own music
for 24hrs straight.
Britney's longtime personal manager Larry Rudolph and veteran A&R messiah Teresa LaBarbera Whites come together here as the record's executive producers along with a host of  additional modern day ace lead dogs who meticulously crafted each individual track.

"There's only two types of people in the world. The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe," Ms. Spears states in the record's title track. "Well baby," she continues, "I'm a put-on-a-show kinda girl." Mmm, deep.

On "Kill the Lights" Britney is touted as the "new Queen of Pop." Really? C'mon now — 1999 was a very long time ago. And somebody needs to smell the coffee and recognize that at almost 30, the schtick is wearing thin.

This perky, well-adjusted little gal
is but one "script" away from
being my next ex-girlfriend.
I love pop icons and Britney Spears is arguably the Ali of modern-day pop icons. In 2008 she was Googled more frequently than Barack Obama. And Circus did debut at #1 on the Billboard chart. So, what do I know? But hey, don't you only have to sell like a dozen units these days to debut at #1?

Oh well, one thing is for sure though, Circus is, without a doubt, the newest record of Britney Spears' career.

-Christopher Long
(April 2009)

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