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C'MON! (The Skinny on My Latest Book)

The Skinny on
My Latest Book

Based on my personal experiences with a legendary rock band, my first book arrived in stores on April 1, 2010. Seemingly over night I'd graduated from writing music-related columns and reviews for various print and online publications to having a popular book on Amazon. And before I knew it, I was traveling from coast to coast, doing newspaper, Internet, radio and TV interviews while on my first national book signing tour. To say the least, the experience was surreal.

By the time I began developing my next project, I had undergone a life-changing spiritual transformation and had become focused entirely on a different message. I no longer was interested in recounting salacious backstage stories of sex, drugs & rock and roll. I was now compelled to share with readers a truly powerful message. Oh sure, hocking a tell-all about Poison was a piece of cake, but I had no idea whether or not my audience would embrace a story regarding the "Good News" of Jesus Christ.

I put nearly two years into the development of my second book and on January 17, 2012 C'MON! - My Story of Rock, Ruin and Revelation finally was released. Simply put, I love telling people about my relationship with Jesus, and there are many who are apparently eager to listen. Who knew? In fact, in just six months, C'MON! has already outsold my first book. Crazy, right?


"Long's story may make
you feel like you are
looking at yourself
in the mirror."
-Greg Van Vorhis

"C’MON! is well-written
with a dose of self-
deprecating humor."
-Beth Lynne

"I gave this one a
5 out of 5 "Books"
because the author
could have been my
neighbor, my brother's
friend or a relative.
Thanks Chris!"
"This book rocks!"
-Lisa Snyder
(Rock Thiz Magazine)

"I recommend this book to
anyone who thinks their life
is shit and can't ever change."
-Angela Hupp

"It really hits home."
-Jeff "Blando" Bland
(Guitarist for the rock band
Slaughter and Vince Neil)

"A bold testimony."
-Chris Johnson
(Worship Pastor / East
Coast Christian Center /
Merritt Island, Florida)

"Long has dished up something
akin to the rock 'n' roll version of
'The Cross and the Switchblade!'"
-Gail Worley

"A great story that will open your 
eyes in more ways than one."
-Bryan Dumas
(Band Director /
Word of Life Center /
Shreveport, Louisiana)

I encourage readers to check out C'MON! on Amazon, and if you're feeling extra chipper, you're welcome to leave a reader review. This type of customer feedback is essential to a successful book promotion and your support is appreciated tremendously! Here are just a few reader comments to recently have come my way:

"So good, so inspiring.
Loved it!" 
Jen (Minook, IL)

"Got it, read it, loved it!" 
Emma (Palm Bay, FL)

"The author has an
interesting life story to
tell and he tells it well." 
Ruby (USA)

"I was blown away." 
Jerry (Springfield, MO)

"Read this book and let God 
 speak to you through it." 
Candy (Melbourne, FL)

"It will make you
simply go 'Wow' !!!" 
Kelly (Jackson, TN)

"An uplifting story. A really
solid piece of writing." 
Annette (West Palm Bch, FL)

"This is a must read book." 
Michelle (Cocoa, FL)

"I am enthralled! This is even 
better than Chris' last!" 
Jamie (Oklahoma City, OK)

"Chris has a way of
'speaking' from the printed
page right to your heart."
Pam (Melbourne, FL)

"It took a lot of guts
to write this book." 
Fred (Missouri City, TX)

"What Long has overcome 
is truly inspirational." 
 Michelle (Melbourne, FL)

"An incredible testimony." 
Vince (Wichita, KS)

"I highly recommend it."
Bob (Indialantic, FL)

"I enjoyed it." 
Nick (Los Angeles, CA)

"A total feel-good." 
Dorothy (Orlando, FL)

"I didn't expect to
be so entertained." 
Robyn (Atlanta, GA)

"It's everything I
was hoping for." 
Yvette (Melbourne, FL)

"I liked it a lot!"
Roberta (Rockwell, NC)

Also special thanks to video director, Cole Alcock for creating such a fabulous and eye-catching promotional clip for C'MON! I also encourage readers to "Like" this, as well as to offer personal comments.

Much thanks to everyone for the continued incredible support and encouragement. And yes, my third book currently IS in development. STAY TUNED!

-Christopher Long
(July 2012)

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