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READING - 2012

Despite the title of this
post, these amazing
and engaging books
weren't actually 
released in 2012 —
just happened to
discover them this year.

In my former pig life, I gleefully devoured only books that chronicled the salacious sex and drugs escapades of my beloved rock star heroes. However, these days, given my current faith based life-focus, I gravitate almost exclusively to authors with messages that will enrich my life, encourage my journey and enhance my relationship with Jesus Christ. Here are a few of my recent favorites...

- Andrew Wommack -

I had the privilege and pleasure of seeing (and hearing) Andrew Wommack at a Florida speaking engagement as I was about halfway through this book. An incredible treat indeed. Simply put, Wommack doesn't much care for religion. I don't either and neither does Jesus. In fact, it's denominational-type religious stuff that keeps us from fully connecting with Christ. And through these 242 pages, Wommack pulls back the veils of bad doctrine to reveal spiritual truth. Wommack will inspire some and offend others, but with his downhome, no-nonsense approach, he makes God's Word crystal clear. For me, Wommack is a master teacher and orator, and this book is an absolute must-read for anyone seeking a better understanding of the scriptures and a maximized relationship with Christ.

- Steven K. Scott -

Although the title might suggest some type of cheesy, easy, get-rich-quick or self-help revelation, this book is actually, on many levels, a complete life-changer. From surrounding ourselves with qualified advisers and partners to carefully examining ALL details before entering into a business op to managing anger to dealing with criticism and more, the book reminded me of how I could have been more effective and successful in past endeavors as well as how I now can better pursue future ones. Despite being based on scriptures found in the book of Proverbs, multimillionaire / businessman / author Scott doesn't preach (much). He cleverly conveys his message as an experienced "buddy" sharing simple and practical advice. Although I personally have studied Proverbs within the last year or so, Scott puts it all into a fresh Everyman-type perspective.

- Dino Rizzo -

There is a reason why this book maintains such a stellar rating among readers — it's open and honest, insightful and inspiring. I discovered Servolution during a particularly pivotal point in my own service experience and I truly connected with Dino Rizzo's well-written, compelling and conversational style. Who knew that such an encouraging and powerful message of Christ's love and the importance of loving and serving others could be conveyed so perfectly through stories of delicious Gumbo, piles of dead rats and a man-size bowl of Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch?

-Christopher Long
(June 2012)

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