Wednesday, May 16, 2012


"SHELL GAME" 2012 

Despite the current volatile 
state of our nation's political
landscape, the tempo of my 
related content remains 
lighthearted and positive. 
Yet, I'm frequently under 
fire. In fact, my dismissal 
from one particular
publication was demanded
recently by a reader who
became outraged by my
words simply because of the
"R" associated with my name. 

The truth is, I don't and I won't engage in mean-spirited banter or malicious personal attacks — on anyone. As I've conveyed previously, I believe that it is absolutely imperative for ALL Americans to come together in the spirit of kindness, love and compassion. But that seems to be a less than popular position these days. This is especially troubling because we're in the midst of a crucial election season, yet we're seemingly more focused on condemning than connecting. And to make matters worse, Americans are being distracted from what should be the real issues of this campaign by less pressing issues and outright foolishness being "reported" by various "news" outlets. In short, we're becoming gullible victims of a political "shell game."

With a nationwide unemployment rate hovering around 9%, a major issue of this campaign should be who has the most viable plan to put Americans back to work. And I for one am much more concerned about national defense and securing our borders than gobbledygook about Barack Obama's  citizenship and whether or not Mitt Romney once pushed a classmate — in 1965. Americans (including several friends of mine) are losing their homes — and be sure, there IS plenty of political blame to go around for that heartbreaking mess. The focus should be on the economy — not what Hollywood celeb was at the White House, what kind of light bulbs we're using or how awesome Romney's hair is. We must focus on real issues — who's gonna show Reagan-like chutzpa on the international stage and who's merely going to cower around the world, apologizing for us?

Mitt Romney really does
have truly awesome hair!
Hey, since when did a candidate's ability to "relate" to us poor disenfranchised people become a prerequisite to being president? If I remember correctly, the Kennedy's were made of mad cash — and they've  ALL had "D"s next to their names! So, exactly when did wealth and success become a source of embarrassment in this country? I thought we were supposed to go out and achieve the "American Dream." (FYI, failure and poverty ain't the "American Dream.")

Now, if you truly believe that Obama is the man with the plan and that his first term totally kicked ass, well brothers and sisters, I won't condemn or insult you and I won't call you names. In fact, I encourage you to vote for him. I may not agree, but God bless you — I respect your choice. On the other hand, if you believe that Romney has a better plan and a better vision for our country, then, well you get the idea! My point is simply that we must put blind, mean-spirited partisan nonsense aside and make our decisions based on the candidates' respective records and their positions on the key issues.

I've included this pic of my
fiance', Ann Coulter, because
I just love my little pookie bear!
Of course there are certainly many other hot-button issues of personal importance to many folks on both sides of the political fence. And I don't make light of those interests and concerns. But as they say, the only way to eat a pink 8,000 pound elephant is one bite at a time. For now, let's prioritize and focus on the big stuff. There will be plenty of time later to squabble over other things.

-Christopher Long
(May 2012)

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  1. I agree with you all the way. The meanness is what makes people like me avoid the conversations all together.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, f84fa7ac-9fa9-11e1-87ab-000bcdcb5194. And just know that you're ALWAYS welcome to join conversations on MY blog!