Thursday, March 22, 2012

CLASSIC CAR SHOW - Melbourne, FL (3.17.12)

Melbourne, FL

They converged upon a huge,
wide open field near the 
International Airport in
Melbourne, Florida — hundreds 
of collectors and enthusiasts
alike. On a day when so many
others would be gorging themselves
with corned beef and cabbage
and guzzling barrels of green beer,
these folks came together for
different type of celebration. 

I'll be honest, I couldn't tell you the difference between a spark plug and a piston if my life depended on it. However, I do have a personal passion for the art and craftsmanship of classic cars as well as the fascinating history that they represent. And on this warm, sunny spring day, there was no shortage of amazing, vintage vehicles or owners, thrilled to share their stories as well as the history behind their prized autos.

Although I'm certainly not qualified to school anyone in this area, I am a true fan — a fan with a phone-cam, eager to report a little of what I saw. Here are just a few of the classics that caught my eye:

Simply put, this 1969
Pontiac was just too cool!

My 14-year-old buddy,
Michael Wilson, fell in
love with this 1970 Plymouth.

In the early '70s, Buicks were just
about the baddest ride around.
(This 1971 Boattail Coupe proves it.)
And it's still the sexiest
rear-end I've ever seen!

You had to admire this 1934 Roadster.

This 1964 Corvair is the crowning jewel of
Chuck Long's multi-classic car collection.
(It took top honors in the Junior II category)

Made of 18,000 tons of solid steel,
this 1957 Cadillac is a real "man's" car!

I could have sworn that the interior of this
1965 Fleetwood was original. According
to owner Ray Anderson, I was right!

This 1968 Cadillac convertible
was in impeccable condition.

An immaculate 1970 Cadillac convertible.
If I could have driven off in the car of my
choice, THIS would have been the one!

Another beauty.
(1972 Cadillac convertible)

The Brady Bunch never
had a wagon like this!
(1976 Cadillac)

Sure, they look great, but it's the
personal stories behind these classics
that I found particularly fascinating.
The aforementioned 1967
Mustang convertible.

For me, 1969 marked the end
of the "classic" Mustang era.

The 1957 Roadster (above) as well as the
1958 model (below) were both breathtaking.

"Back in Black"
This 1962 Vette was a real beauty.

This 1963 Vette is just
about as cool as it gets.


A meticulously restored 1911 Ford.

A wonderfully UN-restored 1912 Franklin.

See 1924 Ford (below).
Get the scoop (below)

Although they say, "seeing is believing,"
this 1957 Isetta is simply UN-believable!

This 1958 Bubble Car reminded me
of a motorized sidecar — amazing!

It's a car...
It's a boat...
It's a 1966 Amphicar!

As a kid, the 1949 Willys
was Chuck Long's dream car.
(In the 2000s he finally owned one!)

Kudos to the Antique Automobile Club of Cape Canaveral for staging such an incredible event.

-Christopher Long
(March 2012)

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  2. It seems that the car show really presented a lot of gorgeous classics! The Roadster, the Isetta, and the Bubble Car are my favorite vehicles. They all look tremendous! If I have the chance to purchase my own vintage car, it’s definitely going to be either of the three!

    1. Thanks Nicole!

      I'm personally also a big Roadster fan. Feel free to stop by and say "Hi" again anytime.