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I recently was enjoying a quad espresso with my buddy Jonathan Walling in the caf√© located at our church, East Coast Christian Center in Merritt Island, Florida. As Jonathan was articulating his genuine uneasiness regarding my personal fashion sensibility, we were joined by Matt Stallbaum, the 32-year-old pastor at ECCC's Viera, Florida campus.

"Have you seen that 'Walmart' video on YouTube?" he enthusiastically inquired. I regrettably had to confess that I hadn't seen the clip. However, Pastor Matt gleefully continued to offer further rapid-fire accounts of the video — including details of people — presumably Walmart shoppers with mullets, beer guts and something called "biscuit backs." So being the ever-faithful church boy, I followed Pastor Matt's instructions the next morning and typed in the words, "people of Walmart" immediately upon logging onto YouTube.

And there it was — with over five million views — the hilarious six-minute video spoofing stereotypical Walmart customers — set to a catchy, clever original song written and performed by 20-year-old Nashville college student, Jessica Frech (Freck).

Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the multi-talented Ms. Frech also plays the role of most of the unique and outrageous characters in the "POW" clip as well as the dozens of her other original, self-produced videos featured on her personal YouTube channel.

Combining a Brady Bunch fun-factor with a
Foxworthy flair, Jessica Frech's People of Walmart
video is a fresh and funny world-class production.

Frech delivers another gem in this
Katy Perry spoof, "Black Friday Night."

Frech's talent hasn't gone unnoticed by corporate "big wigs" either. She recently signed on to write the music for, and appear in, a delightful Hyundai TV commercial this past holiday season.

And get ready kids, Frech is currently gearing up to release her debut full-length CD entitled, Reality. The fun and infectious title track is already available on iTunes.

Clearly I've become a Frech mega-fan. But I'm also a dedicated disciple of the dynamic sister pop duo, Tal & Acacia. So check me on this — is it my imagination or does Frech's new single "Reality" sound a bit (A LOT) like "Swing Song" from T&A's 2010 CD Wake Me?

Okay, so Jessica Frech is amazing, but can she actually save the world? Don't be silly. That falls under Jesus' job description. However, she could save the music world. In fact, if pitted against Ke$ha, Katy, Nicki, Gaga or any of the other female "artists" currently gracing today's pop stage, I'll put my money on my girl Jessica, hands-down!

-Christopher Long
(March 2012)

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  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing! Frech's music is clever and fresh. And I definitely wanted to listen to more after reading your article!