Monday, February 13, 2012


(Pt. VI)
A New Destination

Very little gets my blood
pumping like discovering
a new thrift store. Today,
visited the Goodwill
location in Merritt Island,
Florida. My GF has been
around the thrift store
"block" more times than I.
Hence, she'd visited this
store already and was eager
to bring me to a new spot.

Through my personal past experiences, I've found the Goodwill stores in my area to be generally clean, organized and well-managed. However, this one took the cake. I'm guesstimating that the store is 12,000 square feet. Although they're a bit pricier than the typical Mom and Pop-type thrift store, the overall inventory was stellar. The staff was friendly and I'd wager a guess that I could have eaten off  the sparkling, meticulously waxed floors —  even the bathrooms were clean — which all adds up to a fabulous shopping experience.

This was a fun little number.
(Unfortunately, I couldn't
find the 8-track version.)

These galoshes were simply awesome!
(I wish I was still a Size 5. I wish I was
still a size 5. I wish I was still a size 5 .)

Words to live by.
As my GF was trying on a seemingly endless pile of girly stuff, I wandered into the store's "Young Adult" book section where I discovered a copy of The Case of the High Seas Secret by the distinguished sister author duo of  Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I was so immediately gripped by the riveting storyline, that I had to take a break and spend the eight minutes necessary to read it cover-to-cover.

After approximately 90 minutes, we'd only covered half of the store and the effects of our early morning Starbucks experience were wearing off. Consequently, my GF informed me that she would, in fact, gnaw her arm off within minutes if we didn't start making our way to Coconuts on the Beach, for lunch very soon!

I carefully made some mental notes as to which areas of the store we had not yet covered and I hope to complete our unfinished mission next week.

-Christopher Long
(February 2012)

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