Tuesday, January 24, 2012

THRIFT STORE ADVENTURES (Pt. V) - The Valentine Edition

(Pt. V)
The Valentine Edition

My girlfriend and
I often disagree on
a variety of topics.
She's a registered "D"
who still thinks that
"Man in the Box" is
cool. Ugh! However,
there is ONE issue
on which we are in
total agreement...

It's a made-up holiday that places stress and anxieties back on the shoulders of poor schlubs who only recently dodged the Christmas gift-giving bullet. If you REALLY love me, shower me AGAIN with MORE expensive gifts. And they'd BETTER be goodSo I was less than enthusiastic when we ventured out on our first thrifting excursion of 2012 and discovered that our fave destination, was decked out in all sorts of Valentine's-related crap. But we made the best of an unpleasant situation and managed to still make some amazing discoveries and score some cool new swag...

Oh, if I only had a nickel for every
time I've heard this line, I could have
bought a dozen of these figurines!
FYI, only in the supernatural thrift
store realm are The Oak Ridge Boys
and Foreigner still considered cool.
Had this "Little Thinker" cassette case
come with an 8-Track converter, I
gleefully would have ponied up the $1.50.

I'm such a "renegade!"

I occasionally will photograph certain wackier finds simply to share with my readers. However, the hot pink Styx shirt had to be mine! C'mon, what would you have done? 

Stand by, kids. Springtime is right around the corner — which is THE prime shopping season in the thrift world. And I look forward to sharing many, many more incredible discoveries in the upcoming weeks.

-Christopher Long
(January 2012)

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