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MICHELE BACHMANN: Integrity, Experience and Vision

Integrity, Experience and Vision

A red-faced politician
sweats bullets while
responding to scandalous
allegations before a sea
of blood-thirsty reporters
and blinding flashbulbs
as his humiliated, yet
seemingly supportive
wife typically stands
by his side...

From Richard Nixon's "I am not a crook" declaration in the '70s to Colorado Senator Gary Hart's extramarital indiscretions in the '80s to Bill Clinton's infamous announcement that "I did not have sex with that woman" in the '90s to New York Congressman Anthony Weiner's 2011 confession of sexting / texting / tweeting naughty photos, we've seen this movie play out countless times.

The latest contestant on the "Shame Game" is recent Republican Presidential front runner, Herman Cain. Although accusations of sexual misconduct against Cain continue to multiply faster than Godfathers Pizza franchises, the Atlanta-based businessman remains steadfast in his denial of the allegations. Yet despite proclaiming his innocence, Cain officially dropped out of the Presidential race last week, and, yes, with wife Gloria by his side.

Another one bites the dust!
Herman Cain ends his bid for
 the Presidency in December 2011.
I admittedly had become so personally desensitized to the shenanigans of public officials that even back in the '90s, I wasn't terribly troubled over naughty Bill staining Monica's seductive, dark blue dress. Heck, we all knew of his dog-like reputation before we voted him in, so shame on us. However, I did take issue with Clinton for shaking his finger arrogantly in the nation's face and lying about it. Had he simply been honest from the git-go and confessed (with his signature southern drawl), "Hey, I got a hummer in the Oval Office y'all. Wow, bein' President is perdy dang cool," all of the hoo-ha likely would have subsided quickly, all would have been forgotten and he could have returned to work before his next liaison. But instead, Americans had to endure the subsequent lengthy and ugly repercussions.

The simple fact is, now more than ever, politicians merely have become rock stars who wear suits and ties — bona fide "playas" who too often perceive themselves as being above the law and public reproach. As a result, they often choke on the poisonous allure of fame, power, money, public adulation and media attention. Ah yes, "Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll!"

But like many Americans, I hoped for a Presidential candidate with Reagan-like qualities during this crucial campaign season — someone of truly impeccable character, with experience and a bold vision for our nation's future. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Michele Bachmann IS that candidate.

President Bachmann will offer
Reagan-like leadership and
will restore dignity to the office.
I continue to be disappointed with the media's eagerness to call the current race for the Republican Presidential nomination too early and to dismiss Bachmann so easily — the constitutional conservative Minnesota congresswoman.

With a few weeks still remaining before the all-important Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary, I implore my fellow conservatives and Republicans not to "settle" simply because the talking heads literally are going to mess their Underoos if the nomination isn't handed over to Gingrich or Romney immediately. Remember the iconic "Dewey Defeats Truman" headline?  There IS  still time for us to rally together and get this right.

Despite his horrendous across-the-board failures, ousting President Obama ain't gonna be a walk through the park, kids. And if Republicans offer up another pasty old white guy or someone of dubious character, we'll have our asses handed to us just as soundly in 2012 as in 2008. In short, this is an election that America simply can't afford to lose.

For further insight:
A telling YouTube clip:
When grilled by former Minnesota Governor
Tim Pawlenty during an Iowa debate, Bachmann
remained poised, confident and focused.

From Michele Bachmann's Official website:
...she has demonstrated bold reform, pushing to fix Washington's broken ways. Bachmann is a leading advocate for tax reform, a staunch opponent of wasteful government spending, and a strong proponent of adherence to the Constitution, as intended by the Founding Fathers.

-Christopher Long
(December 2011)

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