Tuesday, December 6, 2011


(Pt. III)

After nearly 30 years
working in the wedding
industry, I seemingly
have seen, heard and
experienced everything.
Here's an interesting
recollection, submitted
for your approval...

As a wedding DJ, brides often offer me their personalized playlists — a dozen or more favorites that are sure to connect with bride, groom, family and friends. But on one occasion a bride offered me a complete list of every single song that she wanted played. This is rare, however, it has happened a few times throughout my career. But what made this bride's request "unique" was that not only did she select each song to be played, she also mapped out the specific order in which they were to be played. And I clearly was instructed not to deviate from "the list." I get a kick out of folks who hire me for various functions based on my experience and reputation, yet feel that they have a better grasp of the gig than I do. I tried to convey to this bride the importance of allowing me to "read" her guests and go with the flow as the party progressed, but she was having no part of that — SHE knew better. "Okay, it's your day," I assured her.

The cocktail hour music that she selected went over well — not that many guests are even paying attention at that time. The first dances with bride and groom, bride and dad, groom and mom, and the semi-obligatory bridal party dance were all textbook-like. The background dinner music that she selected was also solid stuff. However, when it came time to open the dance floor officially and really "get it on," her party quickly took a nosedive. In no time, disappointed guests actually began leaving the reception in droves as they discovered "the list" that I had conveniently placed on the DJ table. (Hey, my hands were tied and I wasn't about to take the heat personally or professionally for the bride's misguided choices.) There would be no popular line dances, no current hot hits and no high-energy classic jams played at this celebration, and I stood at my DJ station, helplessly watching as the crowd diminished from 400 to barely 100 within minutes.

The 2008 Ludwick wedding was epic!

"Please save my party!" the now desperate bride pleaded with me, as she clearly had experienced a "come to Jesus" moment. I quickly recounted with the bride the list of sure-fire reception winners that she so vehemently had objected to initially. "I don't care," she replied with a panic-stricken tone. "Just please save my party!"

Quickly, I went into reception "robo" mode ("Brick House," "Mony Mony," "Cupid Shuffle," etc.) and immediately the dance floor became a prized piece of standing room only real estate. I took that bride's party, spanked it like a naughty schoolgirl and rocked it through the roof. Not another single guest left the reception until its conclusion. In fact, the party wound up going into overtime.

I don't share this particular story in order to brag of my (obvious) awesome super-human powers. I merely am trying to convey to brides the importance of hiring professionals, and then trusting them to do the job for which they were hired. I'll likely expand on this mind-blowing concept in future posts.

To be continued...

-Christopher Long
(December 2011)

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  1. Oh my goodness, I totally get this!! I remember talking with you before our wedding, and giving you "mostly" free reign. However, we didn't want any typical wedding games and we really didn't want you to play the "Chicken Dance". However, we said we trusted you to know what was best. Chico and I were so very glad you ignored us! Every single guest (including our Pastor and his wife!) were on the dance floor. Our Pastor still talks about it being one of his very favorite weddings. Can you believe it's been 20 years already?