Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CONCERT REVIEW: America (Melbourne, FL - 12.11.11)

w/ Michael McDonald
King Center / Melbourne, FL

"You forget just
how many great
songs they have."
-Michael McDonald

Opening the show promptly at 7PM with their 1974 Top Ten hit, “Tin Man,” the guitar-slinging, singer / songwriter combo of Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley delivered a high-energy 60-minute set that was packed with non-stop hits and holiday classics.

Donned in designer jeans and fashion-forward regalia, the nearly 60-year-old Bunnell and Beckley appeared younger, and displayed more vitality than some performers half their age as they plowed through their plethora of such pop / rock staples as “Horse with No Name,” “Sister Golden Hair,” "Don't Cross the River," “Ventura Highway,” “Lonely People,” "Daisy Jane" and “You Can Do Magic.”

Still reeling from Paul Simon’s recent deadpan Orlando performance and the F-bomb shower I experienced at last summer's Tampa Mötley Crüe show, I found the duo’s engaging and articulate in-between-song banter with the Melbourne audience to be a particularly refreshing change of pace.

Bunnell (left) and Beckley (center) with
America as a trio during their 1970s
chartbusting hey day. Co-founder
Dan Peek (right) left the group in 1977.
(Peek died in July 2011 of fibrinous pericarditis.)
Despite a few intermittent audio glitches, overall, the band sounded as good as they looked. And although it often can be jarring and actually serve as more of a distraction for the audience, America's use of onstage video imagery only enhanced their live presentation.

Additional kudos also must go out to Fountains of Wayne drummer, Brian Young, who reportedly “caught the red-eye” in order to fill-in at the last minute for the band’s longtime drummer, Willie Leacox, who sadly was absent from the concert due to a family emergency.

In addition to their string of hits, America
also performed several selections from their
seasonal 2002 record, Holiday Harmony.
With  the holiday season upon us, America also incorporated a fistful of festive favorites into their set, including such original tunes as “A Christmas to Remember” and “California Christmas,” as well as standards including “Silent Night” and the rousing, show-ending Burl Ives classic, “Holly Jolly Christmas.”

Although headliner Michael McDonald certainly did deliver a quality show, it appeared to me once again that the best act doesn’t necessarily always play last!

-Christopher Long
(December 2011)

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  1. AMERICA is an ever-lasting, never fail, go to band that is a delight to watch, and to listen to - always!! We own their DVD "AMERICA: NYC's Central Park Concert." Lordy, so young; they're so talented -- some things never change!! Bless AMERICA for cheering me up when I'm down, and making me smile, always.
    Bunnell and Beckley compliment each other - their songs are sweet, bittersweet, and always enjoyments. Bless those who have left, and those we've lost. We saw Bunnell and Beckley recently - grief, all of us have aged! ...but the voices and the music are still there....and fantastic!!

  2. Actually I just rediscovered America. Just bought the Muskiladen dvd featuring a very young and talented America (Gerry was one gorgeous man) and I was in heaven watching it. I just love it! Best of all I will be seeing my first America show in one week. I am so gald that the review of their recent show is positive. I can't wait to see them and hear their voices sing their beautiful music.

  3. Thanks for the great comments, "Anonymous 1" AND "Anonymous 2." We're certainly all in agreement on this one. Feel free to stop by and say "hi" anytime!