Tuesday, November 29, 2011

THRIFT STORE ADVENTURES (Pt. IV) - Pink Tuesday Edition

(PT. IV)
Pink Tuesday Edition

My girlfriend and 
I kicked off my
newly proclaimed 
holiday shopping
tradition today in
grand fashion.

Our initial expectation this morning merely was to spend the day converging on our favorite tried and true thrift store destinations, taking advantage of their holiday bargains and whittling down our shopping lists. And boy, did we. But along the way, as Michelle and I traveled from store to store, from the northern part of Brevard county to the south, we made an epic thrifting discovery.

Michelle had overheard someone mention something last weekend about a new thrift store located on Wickham Road in Melbourne, across from Home Depot. Although we were uncertain of our specific destination, we seemingly were led by  the supernatural power of thrift store fairies as I blindly pulled into a random complex. "There it is!" Michelle exclaimed. "I see the word 'thrift' on that sign." Filled with anticipation, I located a parking spot. I then removed the Neil Diamond Christmas cassette from the tape deck, shut off the engine and we eagerly searched for the shop. Finally, tucked in the back among various offices, we spotted a mannequin laying on a lounge chair holding a sign that read, "OMG: Old Made Good / Thrift-Vintage." We had arrived!

Upon entering the newly found  hallowed halls, we were greeted by an angelic young woman named Kelly who gleefully gave us a complete tour. In full disclosure, I don't know for certain that she was an angel, but I definitely noticed a halo. (I think)

With its multiple rooms, specific sections and eye-catching displays, OMG more closely resembles a supercenter than a typical thrift store.

Simply put, OMG's toy / game room is awesome!
They even have a separate kitchen section.
(According to Michelle, this
was particularly impressive.) 
No, this isn't a trophy room-type tribute
to my ex-girlfriends. It's actually just part
of OMG's ginormous Barbie collection.
Michelle got a kick out of the sign
above OMG's ladies shoe section.
I've never been a Trekkie. Lost
in Space was always my thing.
(Penny was a total hottie!)
But even I could recognize that these
Star Trek figures were pretty darn cool.
And how about this kids' room?
The floor of the toy / game room is
tiled with vintage game boards!
To keep in line with the PINK TUESDAY
theme, OMG also has enough fabulous pink
stuff to choke a very fashion-conscious horse...

Their business phone is even pink!
(It's called a land line and
yes, it does work.)
Michelle spotted Kelly's hot pink
Sharpie lying on the front counter.
(I sure hope she won't miss it!)
In short, OMG! — we love OMG!

After a brief intermission, it
was time to get back to work.
What thrifting experience would be complete without taking a much-needed break for a delicious lunch? And as usual, Michelle and I stopped for a bite at one of our favorite restaurants, Skewers, located in Indialantic, Florida. Simply put, the service at Skewers is impeccable and the food is superb!

I mentioned in a post last week that when thrifting, you typically can expect to find countless copies of Forrest Gump on VHS tape, usually for a quarter a piece. Well, guess what?

When I'm right...
Boy, do I nail it on the head!

Okay, I probably didn't really need two
(more) copies of Debbie Gibson's
Out of the Blue, but she's the quintessential
musical genius of the last quarter century.
Plus, my girlfriend is a total enabler!
I loved this little holiday display
we found at Angels in the Attic
located in Melbourne, Florida.
So there you have it. The first annual PINK TUESDAY celebration was a smashing success. I bought tons of cool stuff, I saved a ton of money and nobody got pepper sprayed. And I can hardly wait to do it all again next year.

Happy Holidays, everybody. Aww, c'mon. Enough with this PC nonsense...

M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S !

-Christopher Long
(November 2011)

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