Friday, September 30, 2011

COMING SOON: Sara Groves "Invisible Empires"

Sara Groves
Invisible Empires

I've boldly articulated
my unabashed passion
for Sara Groves since
first discovering her
music in 2010.

Simply put, I believe this Springfield, Missouri native to be the greatest singer / songwriter since Brian Wilson. In fact, even acknowledged modern-day pop messiah Butch Walker  cowers and runs for cover like a little sissy whenever Sara Groves enters the room (at least I imagine that he would). And it gives me indescribable joy to post here that Groves' long-awaited new record, Invisible Empires will drop on October 18th. I just purchased, "Eyes on the Prize," the first single off the album from iTunes this morning, and as expected, it's epic! The video clip below is a stripped-down acoustic version of "Eyes" and is perhaps even more powerful than the full-blown band album version.

Acoustic version of Sara Groves'
new single, "Eyes on the Prize."

Sara Groves' 2004 classic, "Less Like Scars."
(Natalie Merchant wishes she could rock the
"Sunday-go-to-meetin'-look" like Sara does!)

After numerous recent failed attempts to be granted admittance to one of her typically sold-out  concert appearances (apparently I'm not such a "big shot" after all), I'm praying that Jesus will give me Sara Groves tickets for Christmas this year!

-Christopher Long
(September 2011)

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C'MON! -

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