Thursday, March 17, 2011



Okay, it’s finally here  — the mysterious day I’ve been publicly eluding to and counting down to for the last week. My Facebook “friends” have been abuzz for days, wanting to know — am I getting married? Uh, no! Am I going on tour with another platinum-selling band? HECK NO! Is my new book coming out today? Be sure, my next book is currently in development (and it’s flippin’ amazing), but I don’t expect it to arrive in stores for a little while. So what is it? Well, let me say that I have indicated clearly on Facebook that although today is of considerable personal significance, I honestly doubt it will have much meaning to many others. In fact, when I confessed my “little secret” last weekend to a woman who really pressed me for a (confidential) early “spoiler,” she scoffed — informing me passionately that I’m “boring!” So, with that morale booster in mind, here it goes…

For starters, this week marks the first anniversary of this website. Over the last 12 months I’ve treated readers to engaging tidbits regarding a host of random subjects ranging from music, movies and books to Starbucks meditations, breakfast cereal recommendations and Mexican pizza observations! It’s been a lot of fun and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s viewed this site over the last year and invite you all to stop by again anytime, say “hi,” leave a comment, or if you’re really feeling brave, become an official “Follower.”

Also, today (March 17th) marks my seventh anniversary living sober! That’s right, I work in the entertainment industry and I haven’t touched a drop of what I now consider, “soul poison” since 2004. So, does that make me a better person than anyone else? Certainly not. However, it does mean that I can account for (almost) everything I do — even at 4AM. I’m no longer a threat to anyone when driving home (also) at 4AM. And I don’t regret things I say to women (especially) at 4AM. I don’t wake up and vomit immediately. I now clearly remember events from the night before, AND I still have money in my pocket at — that’s right, 4AM! For me, it’s just an all ‘round better life being free of that “evil.” I don’t mean to preach — I’m simply sharing. And if anyone else is struggling with that “evil” and would like encouragement regarding sober living, feel free to reach out to me anytime through my personal email address. Remember, I’m NOT a licensed counselor, but I am a nightclub DJ, which is kinda the same thing.

Finally, on this day one year ago, I found myself in a very “dark” place, both mentally and spiritually. It was an experience that junkies and alcoholics refer to as hitting “rock bottom.” But I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be a junkie or an alcoholic to hit “rock bottom” or to have “demons.” And although I live a very public life, few people were aware of the depths of my depression as I became overwhelmed completely by my “demons” one year ago.

As I sat in my house, alone with a knife to my wrist, the phone rang — an “angel” was on the line. I’ll spare you the “boring” details (for now) and cut to the chase by simply saying, that “angel” led me to what I can only describe as a spiritual “awakening.” It was what those “weirdoes” refer to as a “come to Jesus” experience. Say what you will, but that experience was very profound AND very real. Simply put, I’m no longer the same guy I was prior to this day in 2010. I now live fully for Jesus Christ — yeah, I just said that! And I’m NOT ashamed to say it either. In fact, I’m now one of those “weirdoes” who reads the Bible at Starbucks every morning.

Once again, my intention isn’t to preach. And like I said, I doubt anyone will have much interest in my revelation, I just wanted to merely share, as I celebrate my first full year of living out of the “darkness” and walking in the “light.” And anyone who has a “need” in their life is also welcome to contact me at my aforementioned email address.

-Christopher Long
(March 2011)



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