The Happiest Place on Earth!
East Coast Christian Center is located in Merritt Island, Florida. Although it is touted publicly as, "a life-giving church that lasts," it often also is referred to (by me) as, "the happiest place on earth!"

I first was introduced to ECCC in the spring of 2010. I'd just come out of THE darkest time of my life and I desperately was seeking a permanent new church home. In short, ECCC has since become that "home."

I believe that a lot of people are dissuaded from a church experience due to the perception that "religion" will be "pushed" on them. As a non-denominational church, be sure that ECCC has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with promoting, encouraging and nurturing relationships with Jesus Christ (there's a BIG difference). But in the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit that they do "push" a lot of other stuff on people at ECCC. They "push" grace, mercy, kindness, compassion, connection, love, peace, understanding, patience and forgiveness — right down people's throats!

Perhaps the best way to convey what ECCC is all about and how the church has effected my life is simply to share an excerpt from my 2012 book, C'MON!


CHAPTER TEN: Damascus Road (The "Metal Horns!")

Me and Paul Peters in 1991.
Today, I look sixty, but Paul
looks EXACTLY the same!
I was so excited about what now was happening in my life that after years, I reached out to my old friend Paul Peters, the former frontman of the band AWOL, to tell him all about it.
It was great to reconnect with Paul and he seemed genuinely happy about my spiritual arrival. He was also eager to inform me that he was currently handling audio production for East Coast Christian Center (ECCC), located in Merritt Island, Florida, which was about thirty minutes north of where I was living in Satellite Beach. Paul began telling me of the unique and bold ministry being presented at ECCC and how Senior Pastor Dan Stallbaum actually had used The Beatles’ music as part of a recent series on relationships. Beatles music? At church? “Where do I sign up?” I asked Paul. We met for coffee at a local Starbucks a few days later and Paul invited me to attend a service at ECCC the following Sunday – I happily accepted his invitation.

A typical Sunday morning view
of the ECCC parking lot.
With its state-of-the-art video and audio production, huge concert-type stage and five hundred-plus capacity main worship hall, ECCC more closely resembles The House of Blues than a traditional church. I noticed during my first ECCC experience that despite my long hair, piercings and tattoos, I appeared to be one of the more conservative-looking people in that morning’s congregation. In fact, there were throngs of folks in attendance wearing T-shirts and jeans, sporting an array of fabulous tattoos and piercings. And as I spotted a line of Harleys parked out front, I wasn’t sure if I was at church or a Doobie Brothers concert!

The "metal horns," dude!
I also discovered an earplug dispenser attached to the back wall of the main worship hall. Earplugs? At church? I asked Paul’s wife Kim about this oddity and she explained that the church recently had been faced with an ultimatum – either turn down the volume of the Praise and Worship service or provide earplugs. “And there’s NO way we’re turning down the music!” Kim passionately informed me. The proverbial icing on the cake was when I passed an innocent-looking five or six-year-old girl, holding her mother’s hand, walking out of the service. As I made eye contact with the adorable little blond girl, wearing a flowered print dress and bobby socks with saddle oxfords, she flashed me the “metal horns.” The metal horns? At church? No one had ever flashed me the universally acknowledged hand symbol for heavy metal, before, during or after any worship service! After thirty-plus years of feeling like a leper at other churches, I fit right in at ECCC.



Senior Pastor Dan Stallbaum

ECCC offers multiple weekly adult and young adult services, as well  as youth-oriented ministries such as T-N-T and East Coast Kids. And they staff pastors, worship leaders and counselors who are available, should you have a need. (Prayer request)
Do you have a more immediate need? Feel free to  reach out to me anytime via my personal email:
680 N. Courtney Parkway
Merritt Island, Florida 32953
(321) 452-1060

Do you live in Southern Brevard County?
ECCC now has a campus Viera, Florida
2241 Town Center Avenue / Viera, FL 32940
(Located in the Carmike Cinema at The Avenue)
Service @ 10am every Sunday

Morning Breath is  ECCC's daily  drive-time devotion program that airs weekdays from 7:30-8:00AM on WMIE 91.5 FM. Senior Pastor Dan Stallbaum is joined each morning by other East Coast pastors for a lively discussion of the Bible chapter for that day. It's sure to jumpstart your day!

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