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THE TOPS IN ROCK: 2012 (Guest Post)

My son Jesse is passionate about music and McDonald's!
 I'm thrilled to offer as
the last post of 2012,
a year-end music wrap
up from a very special
guest — my 19-year-old
son Jesse. Othe surface 
he may seem swell and
well-adjusted — but he 
is MY kid. And beneath 
his chiseled good looks 
lies the heart of a young
man who has has no prob-
lem speaking his mind. 

Jesse Tanner Long’s Top 20 Albums of 2012

I have been putting together “Top (Insert Number Here)” album lists since 2010 and it’s
never an easy task. 2012 was definitely the toughest year for me. It brought forth amazing
these made my list   believe it or not. What did make my list though was: 

Koi No Yokan
Wow. Just wow. What makes this 
album stand out is its passion. Every 
song is composed with precision and 
packs its own set of punches. Chino Moreno’s vocals along with the grooves 
from the band really come together 
to offer something wonderful.
(Listen to “Leathers.”)

Unorthodox Jukebox
When this album came out, I knew it 
was going to be great. But it was act-
ually better than great. The title says it 
all. Mars dabbles in rock, pop, R&B 
and even a little reggae. The way he 
does this (and he does it well, by the 
way) and still manages to top the 
charts shows his true talent. Mars is
a brilliant songwriter, and Unorthodox Jukebox proves this with every song.
(Listen to “Moonshine”)
Grind the Ocean
Let me tell you a little story: There I 
am at the Protest the Hero show at 
The Social in Orlando back in April, 
 just finished their set. Next up was 
The Safety Fire. My dad pulled me 
aside and asked, “What the hell is 
a "safety fire’?” Then, I saw some
 guys wearing Hawaiian button-up 
shirts walk onto the stage. Come to 
find out, those guys were The Safety 
Fire, and for the next 30 minutes or 
so, my ears were flooded with beauti-
ful sounds. Standing about 19 inches 
from guitarist Derya “Playgle” Nagle, I was in awe. When I got home after the show, I immediately bought the band’s debut album Grind the Ocean. The Safety Fire is extremely heavy, yet they don’t suck. Bands like Periphery and Between the Buried and Me need to take note. Seeing The Safety Fire live has definitely affected the way I listen to Grind the Ocean. The whole band puts off this vibe that is just really cool. I have no other way to explain it. Check out The Safety Fire’s YouTube page for music videos, a track-by-track of Grind the Ocean, tour diaries and more. (Side note: the video for the song “Floods of Colour” may be the best music video ever.) My iTunes play count for this album is at 157, but if you add the amount of times I have listened to it while driving, that number would be over 300 for sure. Grind the Ocean is a beautifully composed metal album that deserves recognition. The Safety Fire’s next effort is something I’ll be anticipating during 2013. (Listen to “Circassian Beauties.”)
4. I Am Abomination
Let the Future Tell the Truth
(Listen to “One False Step”)

5. Anberlin
(Listen to “Modern Age”)

6. Coheed and Cambria
The Afterman: Ascension
(Listen to "Key Entity Extraction I: 
Domino the Destitute")
Strength to Survive
(Listen to “Gone Today”)

8. Pierce the Veil
Collide With The Sky
(Listen to “I’m Low On Gas 
and You Need a Jacket”)

9. Enter Shikari
A Flash Flood of Colour
(Listen to “Warm Smiles Do Not 
Make You Welcome Here”)

10. The Used
(Listen to “Give Me Love”)

11. The Mars Volta
(Listen to “Molochwalker”)

12. The Sword
(Listen to “Apocryphon”)

13. Children of Nova
Impossible Landscape
(Listen to “The Troubled Soul”)

14. Rebelution
Peace of Mind
(Listen to “Day By Day”)

15. Walk The Moon
Walk the Moon
(Listen to “Shiver Shiver”)

16. The Dirty Heads
Cabin By the Sea
(Listen to “Best of Us”)

17. Neon Trees
Picture Show
(Listen to “Teenage Sounds”)

18. Everclear
Invisible Stars
(Listen to “Aces”)

19. Billy Talent
Dead Silence
(Listen to “Man Alive!”)

20. Slash
Apocalyptic Love
(Listen to “One Last Thrill”)

Thanks, Jesse,  for sharing your Top 
Albums list — and keep up the good 
work. You're a sharp young man 
with a bright future and I look 
forward to posting more of your 
insightful Guest Blogs in 2013.

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