Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PINK TUESDAY 2012 (Mission Accomplished!)

After much hoo-ha,
the second annual
celebration now has
come and gone —
and it was FAB! 
So, what is
Read all about it HERE

This vintage 1983 Panasonic AM/FM stereo cassette
blasta was THE ultimate PINK TUESDAY score.
(I'm SO crankin' my old Shalamar tapes tonight!)
As admitted, committed die-hard thrift store enthusiasts, my girlfriend Michelle and I have been psyched for weeks in anticipation of PINK TUESDAY. Hence, we hoped to reach Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church — our first (and favorite) thrift store destination early this morning. However, due to my laundry list of last minute "quick stops" along the way, we didn't arrive on the scene until 10:30AM.

"This is turning out to be the suckiest PINK TUESDAY ever," Michelle quipped after waiting on me for more than twenty minutes at the post office. "Relax Boo," I reassured her. "It's still early."

Fully embracing the true meaning of PINK TUESDAY, Michelle picked up groovy gifts for several peeps on her shopping list. However, I'm a pig, and I scored swag only for myself — including a vintage 1983 Panasonic AM/FM stereo cassette blasta — suck on that, Apple!

Priced at just $2, this board game was SO tempting.
(But I opted for a used Van Hagar CD instead.)

Famished from our ninety-minute  romp through Holy Name, Michelle and I  stopped for a delicious lobster lunch at one of our fave local eateries and then headed twenty miles north to one of our other frequent thrifting destinations — Angels in the Attic.

Although I had  exceeded my PINK TUESDAY spending cap during our stop at Holy Name, I simply could not resist the Hannah Montana  handbag  with matching beret and pink V-neck — what man could? Besides, the entire combo cost only $5.

But despite the pomp and pageantry of the holiday, Michelle and I  are regrettably now experiencing a post PINK thrift rift.

The triple threat combo — PINK TUESDAY indeed!
While I admit that Michelle did spot the fabulous-looking black and purple plaid flannel shirt first, she can't claim dibs technically, because she offered it to me — to purchase for myself — and I did. And it was only after we returned to her place and began digging through our bags-o-treasure  that she began  having non-buyers remorse.

But in all seriousness, resolving this conflict is a no-brainer. In the true spirit of PINK TUESDAY, of course I'm gonna give her the shirt. Know why?

A) Because I'm a really GREAT boyfriend.
B) It looks way better on her anyway! 

To all of my readers everywhere who joined me and Michelle in celebrating our special annual (made up) international holiday today, I hope that your PINK TUESDAY was the best ever! And get ready — there's another even bigger holiday creeping up, just around the corner. Stand by.

-Christopher Long
(November 2012)

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