Wednesday, September 19, 2012


My third book currently is development.
(This is NOT the cover!)
Summer has once again passed us by in a flash. Retail stores across the country already are revving up for the holiday season and before we know it, 2013 will be roaring in like a lion.
And  with  the new year will come a plethora of personal writing ops – particularly in the area of book-related projects.
With my first two releases still generating buzz, I'm already well into developing my third. Although I intend to remain somewhat tight-lipped for now regarding what I will refer to only as "Book #3," I'm psyched about how it's coming together and I'm eager to share my next story with readers. And be sure, there will certainly be much more to reveal in the upcoming months. Stay tuned!

My second book...

Released in January 2012, my second book, C'MON! My Story of Rock, Ruin and Revelation combines accounts of my personal experiences in the entertainment business with a bold Christian message.
I've been genuinely moved by the overwhelmingly positive response to my personal star-studded story of family, faith and misguided pursuit of fame and fortune – a book that can be best described as The Wonder Years-meets-The Wall at a Big Tent Revival.
Well-written with a dose of self-deprecating humor.
-Beth Lynne (
Long has dished up something akin to the rock 'n' roll version of "The Cross & The Switchblade."
-Gail Worley (
I recommend this book to anyone thinks their life is shit and can't ever change. There is hope.
-Angela Hupp (
It really hits home.
-Jeff "Blando" Bland (Guitarist / Vince Neil and Slaughter)

Excellent triumph, fantastic story, great read.
-Amazon reader review

The author has an interesting life story to tell, and he tells it well.
-Amazon reader review

My  2010  debut  is  a   salacious,  f-bomb-drenched  backstage memoir  chronicling a host of dubious personal experiences from a very long and (now)  embarrassing period of my life in which I worshipped, pursued, hung out with  and worked for people to whom I am no longer connected. Crash and burn indeed! And I thank God that I'm no longer that guy or living in that world.

I'm certainly grateful to those who connected with the book and articulated their support and enthusiasm via numerous positive online reviews. Conversely, some critics got totally ramped up in  their  opposing assessments – missing my  story altogether. "Loser," "douchebag," "pathetic" and my personal fave, "weasel" were just a (very) few of the  spirited  observations  wielded like daggers in my direction  –  not in sizing-up the book,  but me personally.  Yikes. In sum, A Shot of Poison – aim, fire, DUCK!

A great read!
-"Big John" Murray (Co-star of VH1's Rock of Love)

An explosive book.
-Ron Hunter (Program Director / Power 96 / Albert Lea, MN)

So honest and pure, it's chilling.
-Chris Dillon (Veteran tour manager)
-Joel McIver (
One of the worst books I've ever read.
-Amazon reader review
I found the author to be a whinny self promoting baby!
-Amazon reader review
Over the last two and a half years I've enjoyed connecting one-on-one with readers as I've traveled around the country making various author appearances. From Orlando to Austin to Los Angeles and beyond, my book tour experiences have been incredibly rewarding. So I'm excited to announce that I will be embarking on a southeast U.S. trek in 2013. I'll be joining forces with Canadian author Brent Jensen for a dynamic duo endeavor that will take us through Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. Brent is one of my favorite new authors and I'm looking forward to working and traveling with him.

I'm amped about my upcoming 2013 tour with Brent Jensen.
Of course I'll continue to apprise everyone on dates, times and locations of appearances as we get closer to the tour kick-off in Florida on January 20th. In the meantime, check out my review of Brent's latest, No Sleep 'til Sudbury HERE.
-Christopher Long
(September 2012)


  1. Hey Chris,

    Although I have not had the opportunity to read your first book, C'mon was a great read, and I am anxious to read "Book #3" to see how the adventure continues...

  2. Hey Vince. As always, thanks for weighing in and offering such kind and encouraging words.

    1. You are welcome Chris, Can't wait to hear from you after your trip to Nicaragua!