Friday, August 24, 2012


I ran into my buddy Pooh at the thrift store today.
(We clearly were both in need of pants!)
Okay, so I'm set to host a major music event in Florida on Monday night and I'm pretty psyched. I had a related TV interview yesterday, a radio interview today and a salon appointment scheduled for tomorrow with my stylist and nail tech. Then it hit me — what am I gonna wear?  Oh sure, I've got closets  full  of  fab  fashions,  but as    an  acknowledged  international trendsetter, I needed fresh swag for this gig. But I wouldn't be caught dead at a shopping mall. Let's face it, in today's world, guys have limited options. In fact, unless you want to look like you just stepped out of a Lil Wayne video or a Nickelback photo shoot, guys are doomed when it comes to fashion. This situation required a bold vision!
As I've blogged numerous times over the last year or so, my girlfriend Michelle and I are both hopelessly addicted to thrift stores. But this is totally understandable. I mean where else are you going to score $1.00 skinny jeans and the entire Star Wars collection on VHS for a quarter? Not at Macy's, that's for sure. So with very little persuasion, I coerced Michelle into jumping with me in the ol' minivan and going on a little shopping spree. Heck, it had been nearly a month since our last excursion. And what treasures awaited...

Although this framed Jonas Brothers
poster was certainly tempting, I had
to focus on the business at hand.
The find of the day —
sidewalk chalk for a quarter.
I don't know who Cliffy is,
but his chair was flippin' awesome!
I became so overwhelmed by the discovery of this
Spice Girls video cassette (for a buck) that I barely could
calm my trembling hands long enough to click the pic.
We also sniffed-out a new destination today.
The St. Paul's Service Center Thrift Shop
located in Eau Gallie, FL possesses more of a
boutique atmosphere than our usual romps.
So, did we accomplish our mission? Did I find any groovy new threads for my big gig? Of course! When it comes to thrifting, Michelle and I NEVER fail. For those of you planning to attend the event on Monday night, I don't want to cast any spoilers, however, I will say three words  — Mountain Dew pajamas!
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