Monday, July 16, 2012

CAMPAIGN 2012: The Burn-Out Factor

This once-perky gal-on-the-go is not the
only one who has become bored with
the 2012 presidential campaign.
One needs merely to 
spend a moment or two
perusing the Internet,
tuning in to television 
news programs or
just listening in on conversations at the
local Starbucks to
 recognize a sense of
voter fatigue and the
waning political interest sweeping the nation. It’s
only August and the
electorate clearly is 
burnt out already from the
 current presidential race.


But this should come as no surprise to anyone who follows “the game.” We have an incumbent President and Vice President who have been running for re-election since January 2009, while challenger Mitt Romney has been ramping up to November 2012 since he was “encouraged” to bail out of the primaries early in 2008.

I recently discovered a website that even has predicted the complete red vs. blue state breakdown and exactly how the Electoral College “chips” likely will fall. Media mogul Rupert Murdoch and other acknowledged political pundits also have all weighed in with their various predictions.

Yet despite the screaming, yelling and name-calling that we’ve witnessed thus far this season, I doubt that there is much personal connection between voters and either major party candidate. The state of the nation is “screwed” – people are hurting and they're downright mad as hell. And for whatever reason, I believe that most of the support being thrown to either Obama or Romney simply is based on the “D” or “R” next to their names – while many others have given up on our political process all together.

I believe that people already know darn well who they’re going to vote for in November and they’ve known it since the last election cycle. In short, this campaign seemingly has been underway for four years now, hence the burn-out factor.

In recent days, speculation (and inter-party elation) has been building regarding the likelihood  of former Secretary of State  Condoleezza Rice being tapped as Romney's runningmate – but don't get your hopes up, kids. Romney likely will play it safe by choosing a “vanilla” white guy – a senator or governor from the Midwest named “Smith” or “Connor” or whoever as his VP. In fact, everything on both sides of the aisle will play out real slick and real safe. And in the end, we gleefully will once again overdose on Obama’s “Kool-Aid” and he will be re-elected in a “squeaker" – 50.2% to 49.8%.

So, there ya go. It's sad but true. We now all can return to our PlayStation, Xbox and/or  iGadget devices. Yikes – heaven help us, everyone.

-Christopher Long
(July 2012)

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