Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Michelle has a knack for spotting the
the coolest T-shirts in the joint every time!


Michelle and I traveled an 
hour south from our usual comfort zone of Brevard County today seeking the ultimate thrill — the discovery of a fabulous 
new thrifting destination. 
And we succeeded in 
grand fashion! 

Finally, the holiday episodes of
The Beverly Hillbillies on DVD.
Located in the Kmart plaza on Highway U.S. 1 in Vero, Florida, the Gulfstream Goodwill is simply one of the most impressive locations that Michelle and I have had the pleasure of visiting. With approximately 10,000 square feet of shopping space, it's clean (yes, even the men's room), organized, well-stocked and well-staffed.

Although we had the place pretty much to ourselves upon arriving shortly after the 9AM opening, the joint was quickly jumpin' with wall-to-wall shoppers.

Often in the thrifting world, I find that it's the little things — the fine details that make a store a stand-out location. This certainly holds true for the Gulf- stream Goodwill. The in-house music was a wonder- ful quirky South Florida radio station that played a variety of fun, upbeat oldies. And the combination of the meticulously waxed floors married with properly greased wheels, made pushing one of the store's shopping carts as effortless and enjoyable as guiding an $80,000 Escalade along I-95 at 80mph.

This pic wasn't taken at my buddy's beachside condo. 
It's the furniture dept. at the Vero Goodwill store. 
All in all, this store was a tremendous find and offered a simply fantastic experience. And given that we also discovered a superb restaurant called Joey's Bistro on Indian River Boulevard, we certainly will be returning to Vero soon — and often! Road trip, anyone?

-Christopher Long
(June 2012)

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