Sunday, November 6, 2011


My girlfriend and I share
a passion for thrifting. So
we were giddy about
having an opportunity
this weekend to venture
out to one of our favorite destinations — the thrift
store at Holy Name of
Jesus Catholic Church,
located in Indian
Harbour Beach, Florida.
And what fab treasures
we discovered!


There's never a bad time for a new bag and I was delighted to have scored an awesome addition for my collection. (A guy's gotta carry his stuff somehow.) And although the design was rather basic, the color was, in a word, FABULOUS!

We also discovered an oddity that  I'm told is called a video cassette tape. And like DVDs, it has the capability to  transmit visual images onto your TV screen. Although a machine known as a VCR is required in order to use it, I had to make the purchase as  this program features two episodes of Saturday Night Live from 1978 — back when it  used to be a comedy show.  Plus, it only cost  $1. Hopefully I can locate one of those VCR devices on eBay.

I'm not a terribly big Foxy Shazam fan, but my son is. And this shirt looked so flippin' fun that I couldn't resist hooking him up. Besides, they  were only asking about thirty-eight cents for it. What would you have done?
We hope to get an earlier start next weekend and visit several more of our fave local spots. And of course I'll be sure to file a detailed report!

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