Thursday, November 3, 2011

MICHELE BACHMANN: American Jobs, Right Now

Michele Bachmann
The problem with discussing politics these days is that we've become so partisan, so consumed by an elitist, "I'm right, you're wrong" mentality, that we no longer have the ability to recognize sound ideas, plans and visions for America simply because of the "D" or "R" placed next to the name of the person offering said ideas.

I'm fascinated by politics. And although I do have fun with this stuff from time to time, be sure that I don't post politically-related content on this blog as a means of putting people down for their beliefs or to antagonize those who share opposing views. I merely hope to encourage a healthy and positive dialogue -- our nation can no longer endure or tolerate name-calling. We need to come together for a greater good.

I make no bones about being a diehard Republican. However, I'm open to listening to and considering everyone's thoughts and ideas -- that's how we Conservatives roll. And although I've clearly maintained my support for Michele Bachmann in her current bid for the Republican Presidential nomination, I recognize that many others in the pack have much to offer.

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, brings to the table years of "big gun" experience -- the kind of experience that is necessary in order to lead our country. As the former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney has experience not only as a proven leader, but as a successful businessman. And although Atlanta native Herman Cain has never held political office, his stellar reputation in the business world also gives him incredible insight into operating the country from a business standpoint. And in the minds of many, it's the business backgrounds that make both of these men such attractive and viable candidates. Like Romney, Texas Governor Rick Perry is also a proven leader and has a solid reputation in terms of jobs creation.

And therein lies probably THE crucial issue of this current campaign season -- JOBS! The United States of America -- the greatest country in the world, is approaching a 10% unemployment rate. Pointing fingers, name-calling and partisan mud-slinging won't fix this problem. The solution lies in electing a President with a solid jobs plan. This is one of the many reasons why I support Michele Bachmann. Despite her adversary's portrayal of Bachmann as the new "Palin" through often out-of-context soundbites and edited YouTube clips, she is sharp and experienced, and when it comes to jobs creation, she's got a REAL plan.

View Bachmann's plan:

If you can put partisan nonsense and media-generated foolishness out of your mind and truly listen to Michele Bachmann's message(s), you too just may become a believer.

-Christopher Long
(November 2011)

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